Today, oil and gas are not only the main source of energy but also quite popular speculative assets. The energy market is characterized by high volatility and liquidity, with good opportunities for earning. For example, the average daily fluctuations in oil prices are 2-4 times higher than in major currency pairs quotations.

Natural resources are extremely sensitive to political events and natural disasters. This allows us to accurately predict their movements in the near future.

The energy market has several more features:

  • hydrocarbons is a non-renewable source of energy, so in the long run they have an unconditional upward trend;
  • energy resources can be traded with the help of settlement futures and urgent spot contracts;
  • oil and gas are traded only on commodity exchanges, which operate on a specific schedule.

Our clients can use a "leverage" service at a rate of up to 1:100 at any time, as well as with the help of professional analysts. In addition, we provide free access to the demo account if you do not have the experience in trading on energy resources. Trading on a demo account is fully consistent with the real trading, but in this case you do not risk your capital - all transactions are concluded in virtual money.

Start earning in the energy market with Go Capital FX! We will provide you with all the necessary conditions for successful trading.


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