Precious metals are assets with minimal volatility and high liquidity. Movement of their prices is fairly easy to forecast, so trading in gold and silver is an excellent option for both experienced traders and beginners.

Since ancient times, gold is a sort of "save harbour": capital flows to it from all over the world during periods of world economic crises.This feature makes precious metals a fairly predictable asset - its price shows the greatest growth during the fall of stock indices and the US dollar rate.

You do not need to have the big capital to earn on precious metals. In addition, Go Capital FX provides its customers with a leverage (up to 1:100), through which you can significantly expand your trading opportunities.

Trading metals has several advantages:

  • the opportunity to earn both on growth, and on the fall of the price of the asset;
  • lower costs compared to spot-trading of metal ingots;
  • the ability to trade in 24/5 mode.

For a long time of precious metals’ existence as financial assets, a huge number of strategies and technical tools were created to predict their prices. Go Capital FX provides free access to a trading platform, which contains a huge number of technical indicators and trading advisors. These tools allow you to maximize a trade process and provide you with a stable profit. Also, you can test your own trading strategies on a demo account before you start real trading.

Go Capital FX team provides the best conditions for earning money in financial markets. We suggest you to test it personally by opening a trading account on our platform.


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