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Asian markets respond weakly to positive factors

The US market on Friday rose to a decent start of the reporting period for the first quarter...

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U.S. Markets Wait for Q1 Reports

U.S. market was mixed during the latest session...

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Venezuela Pushed Global Oil Output Down

The global oil output fell in March due to Venezuela, where supply decreased to 870.000 barrels...

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Asian Markets Fall Facing Another Trade War

Most of the Asian stock indices decreased following the suit of European and American trading platforms...

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U.S. Ready to Introduce New Taxes on EU Goods

The U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) considers the introduction of new taxes on European goods...

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Weak Statistics from Germany Pushed European Markets Down

European shares are going down during the Monday trading session...

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American Stock Markets Show Active Growth

U.S. stock markets demonstrate an evident rise. The day before the S&P 500 index...

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Oil Market Mixed After News Energy Statistic from the U.S.

Oil prices are mixed after the U.S. energy ministry published new data on the state’s strategic reserves...

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