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Gold Prices Keep Going Up

Gold and the U.S. dollar, both considered as safe-haven assets these days, gained on Friday in Asia following the release of weak U.S. retail sales...

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American Oil Market Makes More Gains

The U.S. stock market showed growth during the recent trading session. Investors pin their hopes successful resolving of Sino-U.S. trade war...

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U.S Markets Grow Supported by Ongoing Sino-U.S. Talks

The greenback stays almost unchanged in the dollar to yen currency pairing waiting for the outcomes of the trade negotiations...

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Asian Stock Markets Grow Pinning Hopes on Sino-U.S. Trade Talks

Asian shares rose on Tuesday as investors hoped a new round of U.S.-China trade talks would help to resolve a long-lasting dispute...

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Oil Prices Down due to Bearish Trend in Stock Markets

On Monday morning oil prices were in the red. The prices were dragged down by the renewed statistics on the number of oil rigs...

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U.S. Stock Markets Fall due to Uncertain Future of the Sino-American Trade Deal

Trump’s decision not to met his Chinese counterpart till March 1 - the deadline for reaching the trade deal between Washington and Beijing...

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European Stocks Rise due to Gains in Banking Sector

European stocks were quite successful on Wednesday. Shares reached their 12-week highs...

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U.S. Stock Markets Grow Supported by Positive Reports from Large Corporations

Another portion of economy reports summing up the last quarter of 2018 filled the U.S. investors with optimism...

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