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U.S. Midterm Elections Push European and Asian Stocks Higher

The U.S. mid-term election results offered no major surprise to experts. As it was expected, some of the world markets have already responded...

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World Markets Wait for Results of U.S. Midterm Vote

On Tuesday, Nov.06, the U.S. host midterm elections. Such a vote takes place in America every four years in November...

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US Strict Sanctions Against Iran Come Into Effect

On Monday, November 5, the Trump administration reinstated all sanctions imposed on Iran in...

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Asian Markets Rise Sharply Backed by Ease in Sino-U.S. Trade War

On Friday the stock markets of the Asia-Pacific region show rapid growth. The mainland China...

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Pound Jumps on Tentative Deal Between UK and EU

The British pound jumped on Thursday on a report that UK Prime Minister Theresa May...

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Oil Market’s Seesawing Ahead of Anti-Iranian Sanctions

On Wednesday oil market rose for the first time in the last three days. But it is unclear how long this tendency will dominate...

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Yuan hits lowest point over the last decade

The Yuan has reached its lowest point in the last decade - its value is...

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Iran Sells Oil to Private Buyers

Iran started selling oil to private buyers via its national energy exchange. In such a way Tehran is trying...

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