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Amazon Raises its Minimum Wage for US and UK

Amazon has raised its minimum wage to $15 an hour for its United States employees, and...

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U.S. Reaches Trade Deal to Revamp NAFTA

Washington has reached a final trade agreement with Canada and Mexico. The countries agreed...

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Brent Is Pushed Up by Looming Sanctions Against Iran

On Monday Brent crude oil rose to its highest price since November 2014. This happens due to the expectations of U.S. sanctions against Iran...

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European Stocks Are Falling Due to Italian Budget Deficit

European stocks fell on Friday morning. It happened after Italy’s decision to approve a larger than expected...

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Saudi Arabia to Boost Oil Production

Saudi Arabia will quietly add extra oil to the market over the next couple of months...

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Asian Markets Grow Ahead of FRS Decisions on Interest Rate

On Wednesday stock indices of the Asia-Pacific region are on the rise in spite of mixed signals coming from the Wall Street...

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OPEC May Boost Oil Production

On Tuesday oil prices kept growing on Asian markets. Earlier on Monday the price of black gold rose sharply after OPEC+ said they might boost production ...

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New US Tariffs on Chinese Goods Kicked in on Monday

A new round of US tariffs on Chinese goods has taken effect, trade war...

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