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Gold Prices Up Due to Cheaper Dollar

Gold prices inched up on Tuesday, as a lower U.S. dollar and trade tensions bolstered the precious metal...

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Chinese Currency Reserves Diminish Quicker Than Expected

In August Chinese foreign reserves diminished quicker than it was expected...

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President Trump Hints Japan Can Be Next Target in Trade Fight

Japan could be President Donald Trump's new "number one target" in trade wars. In a recent conversation...

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Saudi Arabia Wants Oil at $80 per Barrel

Saudi Arabia wants oil to stay between $70 and $80 a barrel for now as the world’s biggest crude exporter strikes a balance...

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European Stocks Lowered by Trade War Fears

European stocks were lower Wednesday afternoon. Renewed concerns over international trade conflicts hampered investors' appetite for riskier...

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Hurricane Pushes Oil Prices Up

U.S. oil prices rose on Tuesday, breaking past $70 per barrel, after two Gulf of Mexico oil platforms were evacuated in preparation for a hurricane...

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European Stocks Lowered by US-Sino Trade War Escalation

European stocks were slightly lower Monday morning, amid heightened concerns of an escalating trade war between the world's two largest economies...

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Asian Markets Lowered after Trump’s Criticism

Global stocks retreated for a second consecutive session on Friday as investors reacted to aggressive comments on trade from President Donald Trump...

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